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Whether you're considering divorce or have been served with papers, we know that you don't want to be stuck in an endless court battle that costs unnecessary time, money, and emotional energy.

Our lead Las Vegas divorce attorney
has helped clients save precious time, energy,
and money since 1989!

When it comes to the future of your family, you deserve a fair resolution. At Leavitt Law Firm, we have been helping our clients find solutions for more than 20 years. Our family law attorneys provide exceptional guidance and counsel before, during, and after the divorce process.

We simplify the divorce process for families throughout Nevada and help our clients avoid unnecessary litigation, heated disputes, and unnecessary expenses. Get in touch with our family lawyers today.
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Meet Divorce Attorney Dennis Myron Leavitt

Our founding attorney, Dennis Myron Leavitt, Esq., has been practicing family law for more than 20 years. His experience with all kinds of legal issues has allowed him to secure satisfactory results for clients, no matter how simple or how complex their individual situations may be. He has handled thousands of divorce cases, and in the process, he has succeeded in helping divorcing spouses find positive resolutions without heated, emotional battles inside and outside court.

Attorney Leavitt is committed to providing excellent legal services to families throughout Las Vegas. He is an active member of several organizations, and has met the requirements demanded by several others:

  • The State Bar of Nevada
  • Clark County Bar Association
  • Pro-Tempore Judge for Las Vegas Family Court
  • Better Business Bureau Accredited Business

Your family means everything - and we know it!

Unfortunately, many people operate under the misconception that one party must "win" over the other during a divorce. Oftentimes, this attitude leads to hurtful arguments, bitter disagreements, and a costly lack of cooperation. At Leavitt Law Firm, we believe that your family means everything. That is why we consider all options and exhaust every avenue before advising our clients to take legal action. If we determine that legal action is absolutely necessary for the well-being of your family, we can guide you as to the best way to act and build a clear case based on your needs so that everyone wins, not just one person.

When it comes to your family, you need legal representation that can help protect everything you hold dear to your heart. Solid legal representation comes with experience, and Attorney Leavitt has the experience that you need! All of our clients are treated as though they are members of our own families. This means that you can expect to receive compassionate legal guidance and tenacious, effective representation in and out of court.

Helping families in Nevada since 1989!

We fight for our clients through negotiation or litigation and we can be trusted to fight for you. Don't let a nasty divorce dispute harm your relationship with your children. We can help you fight for:

We know how impersonal the legal system can feel at times. Whether you are trying to accomplish something personal and compassionate through adoption or you are just trying to negotiate your prenuptial agreement, we know how important effective guidance will be to accomplishing your goals. If you are trying to establish your same-sex couple rights in Las Vegas or need to dissolve your union and determine your responsibilities through meditation, we take the time to listen to your goals, objectives, and needs when we work with you and your family to develop a clear strategy.

If you're looking for a Las Vegas divorce lawyer who is genuinely concerned about how the legal system can have a direct impact on your family, then you do not have to look any further. Leavitt Law Firm is the Las Vegas-based divorce law firm for you. We can be trusted to represent and protect your family during this time of vulnerability.

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The longer you let your legal issue go unresolved, the worse your consequences will become. We believe that one of the most important steps in a divorce or family law matter is meeting with an experienced family law attorney from our firm. That is why we offer free case evaluations for our clients. By meeting with you one on one, we can establish which legal action to take to preserve your family's unique dynamic, secure your privileges as a parent, and protect you from the difficulties that are associated with a complicated divorce.

The next chapter of your life is just around the corner, and you will need an experienced attorney to help you get started on the right track. Contact our firm today. We can help you take the first step as you transition into this new life!


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