How Long Will My Divorce Take?

Often times when people start the divorce process, they are curious as to what kind of timeframe they are looking at. It is hard to make general statements as each case is different, but there are a few guidelines you can follow.

Uncontested vs. Contested

Uncontested divorces typically are faster than contested divorces. In an uncontested divorce a lawyer will draft a marital settlement agreement, as well as any other needed paperwork. The lawyer and the individual requesting the divorce will then review the settlement, finalize the paperwork, and send the copy to the other party.

If the document is signed by receiving party, the law firm prepares the final paperwork for the courts. The case then moves to a judge. There is quick hearing where the judge looks over everything and makes the divorce official. On average this type of divorce takes a little less than a month. The speed of these cases depends on how fast the paperwork can be signed and completed.

Contested divorces will usually take a longer time, this is when couples can’t come to a mutual agreement on the issues raised by the divorce. Typically these issues include:

· Child custody

· Child support

· Division of money

In a contested divorce, both parties have to file court papers that display what they want out of the divorce. Contested divorces have a reputation of being heated, expensive, and drawn out, as couples continue to fight over settlement issues. In these types of situations it is most beneficial for couples to reach out to an experienced divorce lawyer who can speed up the process, and save all the involved parties time and money.

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