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Do I Have a Right to Alimony in Nevada?

The state of Nevada does allow alimony to be awarded in situations where it is needed in divorce. The regulations will vary from divorce to divorce and there is no guarantee that you will be granted alimony. There are some factors that will be considered and you can use these to get an idea if alimony is a possibility for you, these include:

  1. The duration of the marriage
  2. The ages of the spouses
  3. The earning abilities of both spouses
  4. The health of both spouses
  5. The financial condition of both spouses as a result of the divorce

Alimony may be granted to either the wife or husband in either one sum amount or through payments over time. The changed circumstances that follow divorce can leave a spouse in a financial condition much lower than they experienced in the marriage. Alimony is used to help with this transition in an effort to maintain the financial conditions of the marriage even after the divorce is finalized.

There are several types of alimony/ spousal support that can be awarded depending on the needs in your unique circumstances. Temporary spousal support is granted in a lump sum in order to help provide maintenance to a spouse while the divorce takes place. The other three are different types of alimony payments, including:

  1. "Permanent" alimony- payments without a termination date
  2. "Temporary" alimony- payments with a specific date or event of termination
  3. "Rehabilitative" alimony- payments meant to allow one spouse to receive education or training for a job or career

If you are going through a divorce and asking whether or not you are eligible or have a right to alimony, we are here to help. We can investigate your divorce case and help you pursue payments on your behalf. Contact Leavitt Law Firm and set up a consultation with our divorce lawyers in Law Vegas.

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