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Advice for Divorced Single Parents
Advice for Divorced Single Parents

Are you a divorced single parent with children at home, or are you going to be a divorced single parent in the near future? If so, we understand that you’ve probably heard all about how divorce can have negative effects on kids – emotionally, academically, and socially, but ...

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Blog Posts in 2017

  • Child Custody: Should I Move Out?

    When a couple decides to end their marriage, typically what happens is the spouses change their living arrangements. This could mean one spouse moves ...

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  • A New App May Eliminate Child Support Conflicts

    If you think a divorce will end parental squabbles, you’re likely mistaken. Just because a divorce is finalized doesn’t mean you and your ex will ...

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  • What You Need to Know About Divorce & Taxes

    As someone who is getting a divorce , you have a lot on your mind, such as child custody and support , spousal support, asset and debt division. Taxes ...

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  • Child Support Payment Options

    If you’re ordered to pay child support every month, you aren’t supposed to simply write a check to your ex and call your order fulfilled. In fact, you ...

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  • Tips on Co-Parenting After a Divorce

    Divorce is stressful and when you have minor children with your spouse, it brings the stress to a whole other level. If you’re worried how the divorce ...

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  • Is Nevada a Community Property State?

    Nevada's Community Property Laws If you are on the brink of divorce , surely, you’ll have questions. What property do I get to keep? Which debts and ...

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  • Financial Advice for Divorcing Spouses

    When it comes to divorce , there’s much to consider and there’s a lot to worry about. In our experience, divorcing couples are most concerned about ...

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  • What Not to Do During a Divorce

    Are you getting a divorce for the first time? If so, you’re probably acutely aware of the fact that you’ll need to tread carefully. A misstep on your ...

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  • How Marital Property is Divided in Nevada

    On television and in the movies, you’ve probably heard bitter spouses say something to the effect of, “If we divorce, I’ll take you for all you have,” ...

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