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Benefits of a Mediated Divorce

Benefits of a Mediated Divorce

Divorce can be an emotional event in your life. If you and your spouse are finding it difficult to come to resolutions, you might want to reconsider your options before jumping to trial. Many couples turn to mediation to help peacefully resolve their conflicts and disputes. With most mediations ending in settlements, it can be a reliable option for you and your spouse if you are looking to come to an agreement.

Why You Should Consider a Mediator

Mediation from a neutral third party is a great way to solve unsettled conflicts.

Some reasons you may want to consider working with a mediator include:

  • Encouraged communication: Sometimes lack of communication is one of the reasons a couple wants a divorce. Mediation encourages couples to communicate again, as both parties must share needs and concerns to reach a compromise. This open dialogue between spouses can help to ease tensions and encourage further communication when interacting in the future.
  • A completely neutral party: A mediator stays neutral throughout the resolution process and finds the right compromises and solutions to problems, without the inference of biases. A mediator can guide the couple to a fair agreement they both are happy with.
  • You can save significant money: By taking your divorce to court, you can end you spending a lot more money through all of the hearings. On average, most people spend around $15,000 on their divorce. A mediator can help you reach a consensus earlier and save you time, energy, and a serious amount of money in the long run.
  • You can decide your future: A mediator can help you arrive at your own solutions, instead of having solutions imposed upon you from a rigid legal system. Mediation allows you to set the terms of your divorce and gives equal weight to each of your opinions.

Even though mediation can lead to a successful resolution to your divorce, the best results occur when you are open to compromise and are willing to listen to your spouse’s point of view.

If you would like to learn more about mediation, call our Las Vegas divorce attorney at Leavitt Law Firm and schedule a free case evaluation!


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