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How To Maintain Strong Relationships With Your Children During And After A Divorce

Divorce is a complex process, and it can affect your emotional, financial, and even physical health. Perhaps the most important thing it impacts, however, is your relationship with your children. In this b log, we explore 3 ways to maintain a good relationship during your divorce, as well as 3 things you can do after your divorce to help establish a strong relationship with your children.

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During The Divorce

1. Don’t Use Your Children As Therapists

Everyone goes through some degree of emotional turmoil during a divorce – although people commonly try to hide it. Using a child as a sounding board is one of the biggest mistakes many parents make in their divorce – after all, if you’re struggling to manage your emotions, how can you expect a young child to understand what you’re going through?

2. Be Honest, But Age-Appropriate

Children are a lot more perceptive than adults give them credit for. While they may not have the wisdom or experience to understand what’s going on, they can tell when something is amiss. Be open and honest with your child about the divorce, but keep it in terms they can easily understand. It is often a good idea to read an age-appropriate book about divorce with your child, and then answer any questions they have.

3. Don’t Speak Badly About Your Ex

This is one of the most obvious, but also one of the most difficult things to do – avoid speaking ill of your ex-spouse. Your child is dealing with many complex emotions of their own, and hearing bad things about their other parent typically serves to confuse, anger, and depress them.

After The Divorce

1. Do Not Attempt to Manipulate Visitation Schedules

One of the worst mistakes you can make after your divorce is to engage in petty games over visitation schedules. Not only can this make your children feel uncomfortable, but it can also cost you your own visitation rights. Las Vegas family courts do not respond well to parents who violate custody orders.

2. Spend As Much Time As You Can With Your Children

This one seems simple, but many parents will play games to make life more difficult for their ex. A common example is when one parent asks the other to care for the kids while they are away on business, but the other parent denies simply to cause a headache. If you want a great relationship with your kids, seize every opportunity to spend time with them!

3. Maintain A Positive Relationship With Your Ex

This is one of the most challenging things to do – even those who never bad mouth their ex still find it difficult to get along with them. Remember that you don’t have to be friends, you simply need to have a good co-parenting relationship. You may have to lead by example, and you may also have to be the bigger person, but it’s all worth it when your children are concerned.

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