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What to Bring to Your Consultation

In any divorce, the initial consultation with your lawyer can be the most informative meeting of the entire process. Generally, your meeting won’t take longer than an hour. To make sure you make the most of your time during the consultation, our Las Vegas divorce attorney lists four things to bring with you.

A Prepared List of Questions

It’s likely you have a number of questions regarding the cost and timeline of your divorce. How will you determine alimony? When will child support be addressed? Before your meeting, you should take the time and write down the questions you plan to ask. You deserve to have a full understanding of the divorce process in its entirety, and writing down the questions beforehand will help you keep your thoughts organized.

Legal Documents

Both you and your spouse have likely acquired a high volume of paperwork pertaining to your marriage. Prenuptial agreements, tax returns, and paperwork that supports any legal proceedings involving your spouse and children are some examples of the documentation you’ll want to bring. This will allow your divorce attorney to get a better idea of the circumstances of your divorce, which will allow him or her to give you a more accurate timeline estimation.

Pay Stubs

At some point in the divorce process, you’ll be asked to disclose evidence that shows how much income you and your spouse are bringing in, both individually and cumulatively. Having this information is crucial to calculating alimony and child support, and being proactive about gathering year end paystubs for the past three calendar years can save you a lot of time down the road.

An Open Mind

It can be easy to wrap yourself up in the expectations of the course you think your divorce should take. Before stepping into the meeting, allow yourself to let those expectations go and put your trust in a legal professional whose expertise you can rely on. You want to be open to any legal counsel he or she may provide – by clouding your judgement with unrealistic expectations, you could be unknowingly ignoring valuable legal advice and assistance.

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