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Holiday Visitation and Custody Issues

With Thanksgiving just a couple weeks away, this could be the first holiday season that you must go through as a newly divorced parent. Normally, your visitation and custody schedules throughout the year may be easier to manage to manage, but oftentimes newly divorced parents find themselves struggling with visitation and custody orders when it comes to the holidays. In this blog, our Las Vegas divorce attorney explains a few common custody and visitation issues people encounter during the holiday season.

What happens to the holiday schedule if my visitation order changes?

Any modifications or new orders will supersede the older one. If the current order that exists between you and your ex-spouse works, it would be wise to stick to what you have. If both parents are unable to come to an agreement on a holiday visitation schedule, the court will get involved and come up with a schedule.

What if it’s my holiday with my children but my spouse’s visitation weekend?

The court will usually place holiday visitation as a higher priority than regular parenting days. Due to this rule, if you are scheduled to have Thanksgiving with your children, they should be in your custody the day before the holiday.

Can my spouse threaten to take me to court if I don’t change the holiday schedule?

If at any moment you feel as though your visitation and custody rights as a parent are being threatened, you should not hesitate to retain representation from a trusted and skilled attorney. You and your spouse should both stick to the custody order that currently exists for your parenting plan.

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