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Does Cheating Affect Alimony in Las Vegas?

Living in Las Vegas, there is a lot of temptation. Not only are there beautiful people everywhere, but the city is full of hopping bars, nightclubs, and all kinds of adult playgrounds that attract locals and tourists alike. Not only that, but as the “city that never sleeps,” Las Vegas is the definition of a 24-hour party town.

As someone who is trying to have a strong marriage and raise a family, Las Vegas has a way of putting your marriage to the test, especially if you and your spouse are in the habit of hitting the Strip with your friends, and without each other.

Whether or not going to local bars and nightclubs are a part of your marriage, studies indicate that over half of marriages will somehow be affected by infidelity. Whether it was a one night stand, or a full-blown affair, many of these affairs will lead to an eventual divorce. If your marriage has been destroyed by an unfaithful spouse, you may wonder if cheating affects alimony or spousal support in Nevada. For example, in some states a cheating spouse forfeits their right to alimony.

Nevada’s Alimony Laws

In Nevada, the family court may grant alimony to a husband or wife, otherwise known as spousal support to the low-earning spouse if they have little to no income. Often, one of the spouses exited the workforce to care for the couple’s home and children, and they need support until they become financially independent. Typically, the courts award alimony when they believe the higher-earning spouse should financially support the lower-earning spouse.

How Adultery Impacts Alimony in Nevada

Unlike some states, adultery generally does not impact alimony awards in Nevada divorce cases. However, infidelity can affect property division. For example, if a cheating spouse uses marital assets to pay for hotel rooms, lavish gifts, and other aspects of the affair, the financial misconduct can affect the division of assets.

Even if the cheating spouse was a stay-at-home mom or dad, he or she may still be entitled to alimony if they need it and their spouse can afford to pay it. Since Nevada became a no-fault divorce state, the courts were no longer allowed to consider a spouse’s misconduct when awarding alimony. However, if a supported spouse gets a new boyfriend or girlfriend and they move in with their new romantic partner, who is financially supporting them, the paying spouse can petition the court to modify or terminate the alimony payments.

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