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What Does It Mean to Be a Guardian in Nevada?

Guardianship can be confusing. If you find yourself involved in a conservatorship or guardianship case and aren't entirely sure on what either of those terms means, you aren't alone - which is exactly why we're taking some time to define guardianship and conservatorship more clearly in today's blog.

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Guardians or Conservators of the Person

Guardians and conservators of the person are often the most common types of legal guardians. A guardian of the person is responsible for ensuring their ward has the necessary day-to-day care to live a fulfilling, positive life.

Depending on the ward's status, this could simply mean filling a parental role until they reach the age of majority (18 in most cases), or could involve more intricate care, such as helping them dress and receive the appropriate medical attention.

Guardians or Conservators of the Estate

Guardians or conservators of the estate are slightly more uncommon. These types of guardians are often responsible for ensuring that a ward's finances, inheritance, or estate is properly looked after. For a young ward, this could mean ensuring their inheritance is properly managed they can claim it. For an adult ward, this could involve ensuring their finances are properly managed on a day-by-day and overall basis, such as taking care of food costs, medication expenses, and investments.

Guardians or conservators can be appointed in a wide range of legal disputes. In cases where a child is orphaned, for example, it's not uncommon for a guardian to take over. In other circumstances, a guardian or conservator may be appointed if a ward's current caretaker(s) is determined as unfit by the court, and it's necessary for a new caretaker to come into their lives.

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