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Mediating Property Division? Tips & Tricks for Your Property Division Dispute

Recently, we've written a variety of blogs on using mediation to navigate different types of family law disputes, such as child custody or support agreements. However, mediation can also be an effective tool for deciding how you and your spouse want to distribute marital assets and liabilities. So dive into mediating property division with us and learn more about whether it's the right option for you!

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Think About What They Want

In mediation, many people make the mistake of only consider what they want. But in property division cases, you probably have an idea of what assets your spouse values. You can use that information to your advantage.

Knowing what your spouse wants means you have leverage. During negotiations, offering up something you know your spouse wants in exchange for something you'd like can help you get what you want from your property division case.

Consider How Aggressive You Are

In some mediations, any attempt at aggression puts a stop to negotiations and immediately transitions the case to a contested divorce, which you probably don't want. In other cases, aggressive negotiations are not only acceptable, but expected.

Consider your and your spouse's preferences and legal counsel. Negotiating aggressively to defend your assets without making the case contested can be something of an art form, and it's a balance you'll need to strike to get the best possible outcome in your divorce case.

Make Sure Debts & Assets Are Properly Accounted For

There's nothing worse than being blindsided by debt you didn't know your spouse had - or worse, didn't know they had racked up in your name. Work with your attorney and individuals such as forensic accountants to ensure all assets and liabilities are accounted for before you begin mediating your case.

If you become aware of any discrepancies, start thinking about how - or if - you want to continue. Lying is never a good foundation for amicable negotiations. Take your spouse's actions into account and decide whether you want to sue them to push for a more favorable outcome in the case, or if you'd like to abandon mediation entirely and start moving toward a contested divorce. There may not be a right answer, but work with your attorney to do whatever will suit your desires more accurately.

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