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Can I Keep My Tax Refund If I Owe Child Support in Nevada?

For many of us, one of the times of year we most look forward to is tax refund season. It’s the time of year that we get back a portion of the income taxes that were taken from our paychecks the previous year. People plan vacations, home renovations, and other large purchases for that time of year, because they know their tax refund will allow them to afford it. However, what if the tax refund you’re expecting never makes it to you? That is often the case for those who are behind on their child support payments in Nevada.

What Happens to My Tax Refund If I Owe Child Support in Nevada?

In Nevada, if you fall behind on your child support payments, you may face severe consequences, including:

  • Contempt of court
  • Having late and missing payments reported to the credit bureaus
  • Driver’s license suspension
  • Having interest charged on past due payments
  • Passport revocation
  • Occupational license suspension
  • Serving months or years in prison
  • Paying thousands in fines

The authorities generally act swiftly to collect overdue child support payments. A few of the ways that back child support payments are recovered include:

  • Paycheck Garnishment – This involves withholding overdue child support payments directly from a parent’s paycheck.
  • Bank Account and Lottery Winnings Seizure – In some cases, your bank accounts or lottery winnings can be seized to pay child support you owe.
  • Coronavirus Stimulus Check Seizure – If you are still receiving stimulus checks, your stimulus checks can be seized and used to pay your back child support payments.

Another method that can be used to collect overdue child support payments is tax refund seizure. This involves the IRS taking the amount of unpaid child support you owe from your tax refund. This is allowed because of the Treasury Offset Program. The Treasury Offset Program enables child support enforcement agencies in each state to alert the Treasury Department about parents who are behind on child support payments. This enables the IRS to redirect any federal tax refunds due to the parent to the state’s child support enforcement agency, so it can be used to pay overdue child support.

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