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Who Gets the Dog in a Divorce in Nevada?

Celebrities Cheryl Burke and Matthew Lawrence recently went through a contentious divorce. Cheryl is a professional dancer who made her name on Dancing with the Stars, and Matthew is an actor who began acting as a child on the 1980s sitcom Gimme a Break! According to People Magazine, while their divorce is final, the former couple is locked in another tense battle. This time they are fighting over who gets their dog.

Burke has stated that the dog, Ysabella, belongs to her because it was a gift from her ex. Burke has also stated that Ysabella is like a daughter to her, and she cannot believe that Lawrence is taking things this far. Reportedly, if the two don’t come to some type of agreement soon, the matter will go to trial in January.

People reached out to Lawrence through his attorney but haven’t heard back as of this report.

Are Pets Considered Property in Nevada?

In Nevada, pets are considered an asset, which means that their fate is often decided during property division negotiations. In some cases, ex-spouses have decided to share custody of their pets. For example, maybe each spouse gets the pets every other week and they agree to equally divide costs for pet food, veterinary bills, and other pet-related expenses.

If the exes do not want to share custody of the pets, they may have to resolve the issue during divorce negotiations, in family law court, or through divorce mediation. In some instances, the person who bought or adopted the pet may have the upper hand as far as keeping the pet. In other instances, one person may want the pets more than their ex, even though their ex-spouse bought or adopted the pets. If that’s the case, the person who wants the pets more may be able to keep them if they reimburse their former spouse the cost of purchasing or adopting the pets.

If the decision does come down to a court battle, judges will often consider the following factors:

  • Who is more financially responsible for the pet
  • Who is the pet’s primary caretaker
  • Who currently has possession of the pet
  • If the couple shares kids, what pet custody decision is in the best interests of the children

Discuss Your Pet Custody Situation with Our Experienced Divorce Lawyers in Nevada

For many of us, our pets are members of our family. So, we couldn’t imagine our lives without them. When couples who share pets get a divorce, the fight to decide who gets the pets can get ugly. At Leavitt Law Firm, we’re ready to go to battle for you from day one. We understand what it takes to secure what matters most to you in the aftermath of your marriage. Our experienced divorce attorneys in Las Vegas have been successfully fighting for clients since 1989.

To learn more about Leavitt Law Firm, and the many ways we’ve helped clients in the past, read our clients’ testimonials.

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