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What You Need To Know About Alimony in Nevada Before Your Divorce

A stack of 100 dollar bills and a note with the word "alimony" on it tied together with a rubber band.If you’re in the beginning stages of the divorce process, it’s important to understand that alimony will likely play a significant role in your divorce. When calculating alimony, the courts will look at the income both spouses are bringing in – whichever spouse is making more will likely be ordered to pay alimony. However, alimony generally isn’t awarded for short marriages or if you and your spouse earn similar income.

Whoever is ordered to pay alimony will be required to make monthly payments until:

  • Your former spouse remarries
  • Your children no longer need the care and support of a full-time parent
  • Retirement, which can convince a judge to modify the order

If You’re Expected to Receive Alimony

Whether or not you qualify for alimony can easily be determined by looking at your capacity to earn, which can be different than the income you are earning at the time you go to court during your divorce proceedings. The court will also factor in how much your spouse earned and what your standard of living was throughout the years of your marriage.

If Your Spouse Refuses to Pay

If an alimony order is issued and your spouse refuses to pay or is making excuses in an effort to delay payment, you should take immediate legal action. You can have the court enforce the order through a “contempt” proceeding – in some serious cases, a court can place a reluctant individual in jail to enforce obtaining regular payments.

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