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Child Support in Nevada

Nevada’s child support laws state that the parents of a child are obligated to provide necessary maintenance, healthcare, and education to their child. During a divorce, however, child support continues to be a highly contested issue. When calculating child support, a number of factors will be considered – the child’s age, both parents’ income, and the amount of time the child spends with each parent are all taken into account before calculating how much a non-custodial parent owes for child support. In this blog, our Nevada child support lawyer explains the different aspects of Nevada’s child support laws.

Gross Income for Child Support

Child support payments come out of the parent’s gross monthly income, which is all the money received each month. Traditionally, this includes salary, wages, bonuses, and commissions, along with any pension or severance pay the parent receives from their employment. If for whatever reason, a parent has a disability that prevents employment, they won’t be held responsible for additional income. If a parent is voluntarily unemployed or refuses to get a job, however, they are still obligated to meet child support requirements.

Challenging & Modifying Child Support Amount

Oftentimes parents will find that, after child support is calculated and determined, they are paying too much or that one parent is paying too little. Before the support order is put into place, both parents will have the opportunity to ask the court to make adjustments to the child support calculations. If you wish to modify the child support order, you must wait three years before asking the court to make changes based on your current income levels and the state’s child support statute.

If you’re in the midst of a child support battle, you should contact Leavitt Law Firm today. Our Las Vegas child support attorney has more than 25 years of experience representing clients and ensuring that their child support order is mutually agreeable. Contact us today to learn how we can help!

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