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How Does Divorce Mediation Work?

It is natural for spouses to feel hesitant about divorcing. It’s often not breaking up with their spouse that triggers these emotions; it’s the fear of the unknown and losing control over their finances and their families. Fortunately, there is a positive solution that can apply to many divorcing couples and it’s called “mediation.”

With divorce mediation, couples meet with a completely neutral third party who is specially trained in divorce mediation. During these meetings, the couple and the mediator discuss all of their divorce-related issues and work toward practical resolutions.

Why choose divorce mediation over a trial? There are many reasons, starting with it’s a lot less stressful, it’s less expensive, and it usually moves along much faster than a case that is being litigated. It’s a win-win from every angle.

“But who has the power to decide on the divorce?” While a divorce mediator facilitates divorce negotiations, he or she does not decide on the divorce, the spouses do. Many spouses are drawn to divorce mediation because they maintain control over the outcome of their divorce instead of asking a judge to decide on their fate.

Breaking the Process Down

Once the couple agrees to see a mediator, the process begins. Mediation isn’t for all couples. It only works if both spouses are willing to treat each other with dignity and respect and work together until they agree on all aspects of their divorce. In the first meeting with the mediator, each spouse will have the opportunity to explain what they expect and what’s important to them in terms of:

Once the initial conversation takes place, the mediator will have a good idea of what areas will need the most attention. The spouses can continue to work with the mediator until they reach an agreement they feel good about, and they can meet with the mediator once a week, bi-monthly, monthly, or whenever they like.

Once the couple agrees on all divorce-related issues, the mediator will draft a divorce settlement agreement for each spouse and their respective attorneys to review. If all agree, the spouses will sign the agreement and it will be presented to a judge.

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Is mediation right for you? To learn more, we invite you to contact us directly to meet with a Las Vegas mediation attorney.

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