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COPE Class for Separating Parents in Las Vegas

Are you a parent who is seeking a divorce in Las Vegas or Henderson? If you have minor children with your spouse, soon you will hear about the “COPE Class,” which we’ll explain in further detail momentarily.

Even though divorce is an extremely emotional event, it’s actually about asset and debt division– it’s much like a business move. However, there is a very sensitive aspect of divorce that actually holds a lot of unhappy spouses back from filing a much-needed divorce – it’s child custody.

Child Custody Can Be Emotionally Difficult

For many parents, one of the most difficult aspects of a divorce is child custody. While this is not necessarily a hot topic in all divorces involving children, in others it can be a very difficult issue for spouses to address, especially when spouses have different ideas about who should get the children and when.

For many of our clients, reaching a healthy and realistic agreement with their husband or wife about co-parenting can be hard to come by. Often, this is the most difficult issue a couple will have to face when they decide to file for divorce. Fortunately, the Nevada courts are well-aware of this issue and to facilitate practical co-parenting agreements among divorcing parents, the Family Court developed a program to help parents with these issues.

COPE Class: A Seminar for Divorcing Parents

When a couple decides to separate, it can be difficult for their children to adjust to the big change in their lives. Aware of this issue, the Family Court created a seminar for separating parents called the “COPE Class,” and it’s actually required by the court.

If you are separating from your spouse, you will be required by the court to take the COPE Class. Under Nevada law, you and your spouse will have to take the class at some point during your divorce proceeding before your divorce can be finalized. You will also be required to obtain a certificate of completion and file it with the court.

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