How Do I Modify Child Support in Nevada?

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Modifying Child Support in Nevada

If you feel like you are paying too much or not receiving enough money in child support, you may have options.

Child support in Las Vegas, NV, is typically calculated using the formula found in NRS 125B.070. Still, the Las Vegas Family Court can deviate from this formula for reasons such as high health insurance costs, an abnormally large income, special educational needs, transportation expenses, and several other reasons listed in NRS 125B.080.

Once child support is calculated and the Las Vegas Family Court issues a child support order, that order is legally binding and effective against the person obligated to pay child support. Failure to pay a child support obligation may result in the person obligated under the order held in contempt of court. However, certain circumstances will allow the court to review a child support order and modify it accordingly.

Similar to modifications of child custody, child support modifications require a showing of changed circumstances. The Las Vegas Family Court cannot modify a child support order if the parties' circumstances remain substantially unchanged.

Three specific situations warrant a child support obligation modification, all of which are grounded in a change in the parties' factual circumstances:

  1. First, the Las Vegas Family Court may review a support order every three years if requested by a parent or guardian.
  2. Second, the Las Vegas Family Court may review a support order upon a showing of changed circumstances. However, because the legislature uses the term "may" in the statute, the Las Vegas Family Court can exercise its discretion and is not required to review a support order upon changed circumstances.
  3. Third, a Court is required to review a support order upon a change of 20 percent or more of the obligor's gross monthly income.

Because the Nevada Revised Statutes allow Family Court Judges to exercise broad discretion in modifying and ordering child support, it is vital that someone seeking child support or a child support modification hire an experienced Las Vegas Divorce Attorney.

If you or a loved one are seeking a Child Support Modification, contact Leavitt Law Firm today for a consultation.

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