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5 Signs a Spouse is Cheating

Despite the fact that marriage is all about love, respect, trust, loyalty and fidelity, all too often, the trials of life create distance between partners. Spouses begin to keep secrets from each other and before they know it, someone has strayed. Once an innocent spouse discovers a “one night stand” or a full-blown affair, all trust can be lost and the marriage can unravel before the couple’s eyes.

If you’re reading this, there’s a strong possibility that you suspect your spouse has been unfaithful. Perhaps he or she has been leaving clues, but you haven’t found anything “concrete” yet. You’re just waiting to have your suspicions confirmed so that feeling in your gut can be quieted; so you can decide what to do next.

1. Your spouse stops coming home for dinner. If your spouse used to come home for dinner almost every night or if they always made it to help you with bed and bath time routines and they suddenly start “working late” a lot, this could be a sign that they’re having dinner alright, but with a “new friend” as opposed to you.

2. Your spouse hangs with their friends a lot. If your spouse starts hanging out with their friends almost every Friday or Saturday night, this could mean they’re “hooking up” with strangers at bars or nightclubs while you’re home alone watching a Netflix marathon or watching the kids.

3. Your spouse goes ‘missing’ for hours. Does your spouse go “missing” for hours and you can’t get ahold of him or her? If your spouse keeps going out of touch for several hours without a valid excuse – red flag alert! It only takes a few seconds to send a text. Married couples should NOT lose touch for hours at a time.

4. Your spouse picks up a new hobby. New hobbies can be great – when they’re real and don’t involve a secret romantic partner. If your spouse has taken up a new hobby and it keeps them away from the house a lot, you can ask them to bring you along or let you participate. An innocent spouse should welcome such a request, but a guilty spouse will try to make excuses not to include you.

5. Your spouse locks you out of their cellphone. All married couples need to access each other’s contacts once in a while – to get the contractor’s phone number, to read an email from a bank, or to let the kids play a game. If your spouse won’t let you have their passcode, this is not a good sign. It could mean he or she is hiding something from you.

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If you believe your spouse is being unfaithful, or if you KNOW it’s true and you want to file for divorce, contact our firm to meet with a Las Vegas divorce lawyer.

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